Endless thank-you’s to the incredible creatives and minds that helped make Bazaar Tyler possible.  This store isn’t simply an online store, rather a place for creative storytelling from the lens to the customer's self expression upon receiving their piece(s).  The process isn’t simple.  It is well thought out and delivered with excellence thanks to the talents of those listed below.  I bow my head to you all in many thanks.


Pre-Fall '21 Edit |

Tiffani Rae- Owner & Creative Director

Michael Drummond- Photography

Alejandro Lara- Co-creative Direction, Choreography & Movement 

Tony Güembes- Multimedia Design & Production

Margaux Agency- Agency

Nichole Servin- Makeup Artist

Giovanni Giuliano - Hair Stylist

Piya- Talent

Alex Prado- Talent

Jillian Knox- Creative & Consultant

Sarah Stallmann- Concept Development Consultant & Copywriting

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